Freelancing Complete Guide For Beginners

Nowdays,work from home is trading and lots of people want to become freelancer. But don’t know where to start. May this articale help you. Freelancing is great side-hustle. You can handle it with your 9-5 job or studies.

There are no boundries. You can be your own boss. That’s why I love  freelamcing too. Freelancing is nothing but cash your talent or skill, even if you have no experience there are might some chances people still hire you. Plus it dosen’t matter whatt your age is, especially for students. This is best remote work students can do.

 You may think why people actually pay a unknown person. Because soloprenaur who can’t affort a team or emplyee for small work, they always hire freelancer for their work. Not only indivisual entity but also big companies are hiring freelancers rather than full-time employee. By this way they don’tt need to provide personal area and healthcare benifits.

Before you start make sure you know freelancing Pros and cons.

# Pros of Freelancing

  1.  You can work any time, from anywhere you want.
  2.  With no rules, you can take breaks and head out for a trip.
  3.  You can reject the project at any time if the payment is not enough or taking too long.
  4.  You get clients from anywhere around the world. Since you get paid in dollars,
  5.  if you live in countries where dollar prizes are high, you can become really rich.
  6.  Once you become a Top-rated seller, you will lose count of the money you make.
  7.  may even replace your full-time job.

 # Cons of Freelancing

  1.  Competition is so high, you’ll have to hard work to create a strong portfolio.
  2. Income can be Unstable.
  3. Since you are working from home, you can easily get distracted.
  4. Filling out a self-assessment tax return can be confusing.

So after reading the pros and cons, if you still want to learn about freelancing. Then

here are steps to start your freelancing journey,

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Define your Goals

First of all, define yours for starting freelancing. Like even if you are the best driver and having a good car doesn’t get you anywhere without any destination.

 Start with why you want to start freelancing

 You’ll not get a client bonanza after creating a gig. You have self motivate yourself every day to find. Ask yourself Why you want to do freelancing such as-

#1 To pay bills or create extra income for retirement.
#2 To replace a full-time job
#3 To become independent.
#4 To take a girlfriend for a nice dinner( My motivation)

Whenever you feel demotivated, think of it as just an obstacle if you clear it, there will only be money and money, and think about things you can buy with it. Trust me it helped me too

Start Freelancing as a part-time job

Even if you think you have a great skill from which you can money in millions instantly, don’t leave a job or start freelancing full-time. When there is less pressure to generate income immediately, you can be more productive with your work.

“So great work = Happy clients = Builts good relationship”

 For this reason, freelancing is good to start with. Freelancing is built from trust and relationships with clients. So give yourself some time to create long-term relationships with clients.

So when you can start freelancing as Full Time

If you are tired from your job and want to take exit from it then you should think about freelancing as Full-time, unless you can keep this as part-time.

 If you want to take a leap freelancing full-time for any reason. Make sure you achieve these things first.

  • You must be earning twice as your job in freelancing.
  • Calculate all of your expenses if you are making more than it. Then you can consider it.

Choose the right skill

 Choosing right skill is very important. Because you do the same thing daily, So choose a skill which intrest and you think you can do it everyday.

 Start with whay you alredy have

 It is easy to start if you have a skill that you’ve a already been paid or you are learning it from school or collage like Coding.

If someone is already paying you or you are learning it from education, chances are that you’re pretty good at it. Which is also good for freelancing too.

Don’t hold back – it may be coding, graphic design or financial consulting.  If the skill you have require creativity or handling softwear like Adobe or

Exel, someone will definately pay rathen learning it.

 Choose skill from your hobbies and self-taught skill

 If you don’t have any skills set, then no problem at all! Your skills aren’t limited by education or job. You can choose skill from your hobbies.

 For example, if you are good at photo editing probably edited for social media you can market this skill too. You can learn skills like marketing, coding or  graphic designing from youtube for free.

 Still confusing!

  1.  Open spreadsheet
  2.   Write down all hobbies or things you know
  3.  Now prioritize the list by which skill getting paid more.- See how much
  4. New sellers and top-rated sellers are charging hourly or once.
  5.  Check the competition. ex when I was choosing WordPress as a skill

there more than 300thousand+ sellers were available. So I drop it

 Here are top freelancing skills, it can help you

  •  Article writing
  • App/Web Developer
  • Ads expert
  • Virtusal assistant
  • Graphic designer
  • Photo/Video editor
  • Digital marketer
  • SEO expert

 You can choose from these skills and if you won’t learn those skills, you can learn these skills for free from YouTube. But don’t ever pay for paid courses unless you start to earn something.

Best website to get freelancing jobs

After selecting skill, now the time is to create a gig on freelancing sites and start selling. There is quite a well-known website getting started as a freelance.

Here are the four best websites to start. The tip is to join them all to get more chances of getting clients.


Fiverr is my personal favorite site. They have a very neat, clean, and user-friendly UI.

Fiverr is a very beginner-friendly website where you can create in three packages basic, standard, and premium. The minimum offer you can give is $5 in the basic package.

Besides three packages, you can choose a single package gig too. Plus you can offer to add- on like extra $5 for fast delivery.

Advantage – Fiverr lets you create gigs in literally anything, doing just about anything imaginable.

Disadvantages – Fiverr charge 20% fees from the seller.

It’s hard for new sellers to see buyer requests like you can see every request on Upwork or freelancer.


With 12 million registered freelancers and more than 5 million clients, Upwork is one of the biggest services of its kind.

Upwork is really easy to navigate plus, you get plenty of information about what the client is looking for in posting which makes it easier.

Advantage – Upwork shows buyers’ requests for the new sellers too and you can filter it by experience level or prize.

Disadvantage – They charge 20% fees until you reach $500, 10% from $500 to $10000, then 5% above that

They send snapshots of the freelancer screen every 10 minutes to make sure they are working.


Freelancer is also a pretty good website that offers up to 20 skills for listing. Once you register they look job for you. Although the User interface can be a bit confusing, you’ll manage it.

Advantage – You can clearly see what others are bidding on work posted by clients, because of that you can set bids according to what others are bidding.

Disadvantage – Fees are low compared to other freelancing sites. They charge 10% of the hourly charge and 10% or $4 whatever is big. They also run competitions where clients can receive more than one project and only pay for what they like. It sounds great for a client but freelancers risk doing everything for no reward.

People per hour

Last but not least people per hour are also worth checking. People per is very friendly company. Where you’ll often see high-paying clients.

Advantage – For the first   $350 you have to pay 20% and For earnings between $350 and $7,000, there’s a fee of 7.5%, and all earnings above that have a fee of just 3.5%. Don’t miss understand if the charge is $700, then charged 20% fees on the first $350 and 7.5% on the remaining $350. So, in total Rosa will pay $94.5 in fees.

Disadvantage – As I said for low earning project mean less than the $350 charge is 20%.

Tips while you are creating gigs or profile

To get work, you need stand-out profile and proposal. You must have a perfect description, when buyers land on your gig first they will read your description then decide to hire you or not.

but before landing on your gig they will first see your gig image. A custom gig image option is available on people per hour and Fiverr

 Create catchy custom images for Fiverr and People per hour.

If you are not into editing images, don’t worry to edit images using the free tool Canva. Which is free a tool, with canvas editing image, is became a piece of cake. They have a lot of templates, designs, and writing styles that become to edit images.

Now you thinking about it, Ok! we know how to edit but from where to take ideas to create images. It’s simple to go to Fiverr and People per hour as a buyer and see what kind of images people are using and take inspiration from it.

 Things your gig image should have

  •   Your face – Your face is your brand, people trust more when they see face image.
  •  Use light bright colors – Use light bright colors like orange or purple. These
  • colors look eye-catching but don’t use colors like red it itches in the eyes.
  •  Gig Image size – Gig image size should be 550 x 370

Finding right keywords for headline to rank on top

 Choosing right keywords are very important because If you choose keyword which is highly competitive and only top rated sellers are ranking. You’ll never rank, never get any clicks means no orders.

To find low competitive keywords go to Fiverr search your niche keyword as ex let’s supposed Your niche is Facebook page creation type it in search result.

You’ll see total competition is about 31000+ which is too high

Let’s play with keywords, now try ” Facebook Page Setup”


As you can some changes in keyword our competition reached to half. If I try to narrow done more with ” Impressive facebook page setup” only 1800 gigs are available. which can be your headline.

I admit searches for this keyword are minimum but in high traffic, the keyword has already a high-level gigs ranking, there is no chance that a new gig will rank here. So instead of zero impression let’s head for minimum impression.

How to write a description

Time to write most important thing is to write a description. It applies everywhere.

  • Start with greetings like “Hey There ! thanks for landing on my gig etc. 
  • Tell them about what kind of service they will get if they choose you. 
  • Write a brief explanation about why they should choose me.
  • At last, you can tell them that if you don’t like the work I am ready to give a refund.

even though they can take a refund without your involvement but it is a long process so they might hire you.


How to stand out as a Freelancer

 1 Choose freelancing membership and Gig promotion

Freelancing sites like Upwork offer membership levels for sellers.

As a beginner, we use free membership which limits job proposals per month. Buying a subscription allows you to send more proposals than usual.

It may worth when you have some five-star rating but I don’t recommend for new seller who doesn’t have any rating or reviews. Because buyers prefers expert sellers.

2 Gig promotion through ads

Freelancing sites like Fiverr offer sponsor posts. This means you can appear at the top of the list of proposals the client sees.

These Ads based on the PPC model which means you only have to pay when someone clicks on your gig.

It only works well when your gig profile and description is top-notch. There is no sense in paying extra for rushed applications.

3 Choose freelancing job properly

Approach for the only job whose clients mentioned detailed description. It will help you give great response and which will show that you’ve paid attention to their requirements.

And don’t be afraid to ask questions, if anything seems unclear. Probably you don’t want to work on a task which is very different from what you expected.

On top of that, don’t take a project which you are not sure about you can complete it or not. If the work didn’t go as you think you’ll just waste your time plus the buyer might get end it with a negative review.

4 Take care of these things when applying for the project.

The one thing you should never ever do when applying for the project is using a generic overview of yourself.

Which whenever you are applying for a proposal never say that I am that year of experienced, I am so professional blah blah. It gives a very cheap impression.

So whenever you are applying, start with greetings and must include their name. Ex XYZ is posted a job. Start with Hello there, XYZ! 

Rather than bluffing about yourself, you can say how you can tell them about your future plan of how you are going to complete this project. Ex as I am a Google Ads expert. When someone Mentioned their XYZ website in the post, first of all, I will check the website, then I will say “I checked your XYZ website, and your website load fast and have friendly UI”. It will make sure you already started. After that, I’ll say I can create different Ads groups according to the marketing funnel which will grow your sales for sure” In this format, you can approach any clients.


Extra tips for beginners

 Don’t do illegal jobs – This sounds obvious, but there are some work eg erotic video editing, or even writing erotic novels, that could get you in trouble if they are not legal.

 Never approach a client outside of the freelancing site(ex via e-mail) – Always use a third-party freelancing site for exchanging work, if you try to set a deal with a freelancing client without involving a freelancing site to save 20% commission. If freelancing sites got to know that and eventually they will, you will get a ban.

 Get repeat work with previous clients – When you complete someone’s project, you can offer them a 5% – 15% discount if they want to hire you again. Clients surely hire you because of discounts for the same work and more money in your pocket without hunting for a new client.

Ask for reviews – After completing the project, don’t be afraid to ask for a review. politely ask them about their honest review of work experience with you.  It builds a strong image in front of new clients.

 Use skype for benefit – Sometimes clients don’t meet proper requirements, and they might be confused about how to get that. The majority of the time problems can solve through chat but sometimes it may be hard to understand for the client what you are saying. This time you can directly call through skype and simply explain them.

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