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How to start an Affiliate Marketing in 2021


Want to make online income through affiliate marketing. Good decision! Because that’s the best decision ever I made in life by starting this blog.

Affiliate marketing is the best way to earn money online. The best thing in affiliate marketing is freedom, you have the freedom to choose a product to promote and where you want to promote it.

Starting an affiliate blog isn’t complicated at all, all you need is some guidance. This blog may help you to create your first successful affiliate website.

What is affiliate marketing?

 Basically, Affiliate marketing is a business model where you promote someone else product and earn commission on every product you sell.

Let me explain to you with your real-life example, we always recommend our friend products, best places to visit like I recently recommended my friend a resistance band from amazon but we were doing this for helping others but not this time, we will recommend something and we will earn commission through it.

How does affiliate marketing works?


Affiliate marketing is based on someone purchasing through your special link. The special link has a tracking system is via a cookie. When someone clicks your affiliate link, a small field cookie will store on the user’s computer system.

When they buy merchants can see that they were referred by you. You might be wondering suppose if a person clicks our link but didn’t buy at the same point but later buy it without linking our click, will we get commission? The answer is Yes, it is because of cookies duration, cookie duration vary from product to product it can approximately from 1 day to 45 days or even more if someone who already visited the product page through your link and within cookie duration you will get the commission.

 Why would someone buy from our link?


This is a pretty good question when you think of it with a simple answer is Review. When we want to buy something everyone first looks for reviews about that product. So our work is we have to give them the review they want and convince them to buy from our link.

 Is affiliate marketing worth it?


Here are some advantages that will convenience you why you should start affiliate marketing now.

 #1 Freedom– It is my personal reason to start affiliate marketing and I believe it can become your reason too. No one wants to work under someone and pressure. When deciding my carrier I had the only goal was to work in my comfort and to be my own boss. Affiliate marketing gives you the freedom to choose that you want to promote in your own time, in your own way and there is no limit to how much money you can make.

 #2 Monetize Your Blog From Day 1– To earn through Adsense you don’t have to wait months or to complete criteria like 4000hr watch time on youtube. plus affiliate links seamlessly and naturally integrate with your content so you don’t have to decorate or give them a special look to stand out.

 #3 Passive income– Once you wrote a blog about a featured product it will generate money over and over again without optimizing it. Which is called passive income where requires no effort to earn more. All you have to rank your post on the search engine in a good position. And yeah monetization also plays a crucial role to make you more money.


#4 Earn without massive following– You don’t need thousands of millions of traffic to earn money. Even if you get daily traffic of 100 people with a 2% conversion rate assuming the commission rate is $50 still are making $100 daily. You just have to make sure that traffic is irrelevant.

 Now let’s see how much money you can make through AdSense with daily 100 traffic. The average CPC in the advertising network ranges from $0.25, With 100 clicks you can earn $25 by Adsense.



So any further delay, Here are 7 steps to start a profitable affiliate blog in 2021 with some bonus and marketing tactics to promote your product.


Choose a niche for affiliate marketing-


Choosing a niche is a crucial part to start the journey. Most people say that choose a niche that you are passionate about but
that’s a half-truth because you must see profit potential in your niche.

so let me explain to you with my example, I am
passionate about Kabaddi( traditional Indian sport) or you can say it is my hobby but there is nothing that I can promote about it.

Many will say you will get bored if you do not choose to work with the thing that you are not passionate about but let hear what I have to say, you must be passionate about making money then nothing can stop you from making money.

After selecting a niche next thing to see is, Do they have enough products to promote? does your niche has a good volume of traffic and keywords? If yes go for it.

The second thing is you should consider is competition, let’s assume you choose a blogging niche or fitness niche which has so much profitability potential but there is a heck of a competition, it will be hard for you to stand out against them because they already settled their root deep underground.

So, in short, these factors you should focus on

  • Passionate about making money or if your favorite niche has good profitability.
  •  Do they have enough products to provide
  • Is your niche has a good volume of traffic and keywords
  • Try to find a low Competitive niche. There might be a good chance to earn soon.

still confused, try this

  1.  Take paper & pen
  2.  Write the things you are passionate about or you
  3. have some knowledge about it( add three or four)
  4. Find the niche you most liked from the list
  5.  Then find an affiliate product about that niche


How to find affiliate products?


First of all, before finding an affiliate you have to choose what type of product you want to promote. There are mainly three types

 1 Physical product
 2 Digital product

 Each of these has pros and cons. below description will help you to choose the right type.

 Physical products

Physical products became easy to sell nowadays, thanks to amazon. because from my personal experience rather than finding a shop in the local area for a specific product, I choose amazon because of one-click action. Just put the keywords and lots of products will display and I can by according to my budget. Yeah, physical products are easy to sell plus they have a very low refund rate.

 But even if they are easy to sell, you have to sell them more because of commission rates. They usually have low commission rates. A brand new product with usually having high commission rates is a hard sell. Even if you choose a well-known product they usually have low rates.

 Average physical products (in amazon) vary from 1% to 10%.

 Here is the list of commission rates given by amazon associates-

 Where to find Physical products 

 The well best choice we have is Amazon. There is no doubt about the popularity of amazon So it becomes easy to sell products with Amazon on large scale. To start with amazon you have to join Amazon Associates. And you can choose products according to your niche or profitability. Here is the link to join amazon Associates. Keep in mind that if you are choosing an Amazon affiliate, then it is tough because of cookie duration, they have only a 24hr cookie duration. If someone clicks your link and buy within 24hrs you will get a commission

 Not only amazon but also Clickbank, CJ affiliate, and Digistore24 have a physical product with high rates. I mean not 10% or 20%, they have literally 40% to 75% commission rates, and their cookie duration can be 30 days to even 90 days or more but as I said they are pretty hard to sell. So if you are a beginner then I would recommend you to go with an amazon associate.


Digital product

As next type is Digital product. These products are usually created by a blogger, marketer, or author that teaches you how to do something.

 Mainly, digital products are included

  •  Courses
  • Membership site
  • Chart sheet
  • SAAS( Software as service)


Digital products are easy to sell because there is no shipping involved plus many products give 30 days return policy, So that’s why it increases trust among customers. Good thing they have very high commission rates from 30% to 75% or some product has monthly payout which makes great passive income source.


There are lots of reasons I prefer digital products over physical products.

 #1 Their high commission rates. They usually range from 30% to 75%. Now you must be wondering high commission means high rates, who will buy it? You may be right but even if I make one sale a day I can easily make $50. A product like Shopify even pays $2000 per sale.

 #2 Marketing becomes easy when you promoting a brand product like Siteground and ShopifyThere is one more thing that decreases your burden is brand remarketing. Once someone visits their website through your link, Their marketing funnel will retarget them through ads which will mostly convert them, and because of the long cookie duration of 30 days to 90 days, you get the commission in less effort.

 #3 Digital product can have a big personality behind them, which makes easy to sell

 #4 They solve problems or provide solutions that your readers are looking for, as ex-if someone wants to build a website then they must have domain and hosting. So we can guide them toward the best domain and hosting and they are more likely to convert.

 Even if digital products are so good to look at, but they also have disadvantages, because there is no shipping involved, they have a high refund rate.

 The second drawback is a Quality concernwe can’t say anything about it unless we buy it. But we can’t buy every product that we promote, so some users might feel that product quality is cheap and they can ask for a return.

 Before choosing the product, you must have been used that product already if you like it there might be chances that other customers will like it too. But we can’t buy everything we promote unless it requires. So check their rating and reviews. Do they have a rating of more than 4.3 and do they have a positive. Even every big brand has an unexceptional case of the negative review, then check how do they respond to them.

 Where to find Digital products 

There are lots of websites to find digital products and they don’t need any criteria to fulfill like JVZoo they ask for the website name and its traffic.


  1.  Clickbank
  2. Digistore24
  3. CJ affiliate
  4. Coursera


Sometimes you couldn’t find SAAS products like hosting. Then You can simply type ‘Your niche name ’+ affiliate program. ex Hosting + affiliate program.

 Tip– Before signing for ClickBank check chrome history and cookie because they check this and then decide to give Clickbank users or not. that’s why you must not have visited any spam website and your history must be full related to affiliate marketing.


Start a blog website for affiliate website


Starting a blog website is essential to start affiliate marketing. because many affiliate programs will not approve unless you have a blog website. it proves that you are authentic, not a spammer.

For blogging you need two things first is Domain and Hosting. The domain is your website’s URL on the internet is like an address for a website and Hosting is the computer that stores all the website data and handles the traffic. It runs 24hrs to avoid website crashes in business time.

 Here is the best website buy Domain is Namecheap. Because it offers low prices than the market price. Get a .com domain for just $5.98/year.

 And for hosting I recommend Hostinger. Because this website is also built on hosting and it has very low load site timing. Plus Hostinger with one year plan gives you a free domain. So you don’t need to buy a separate domain.




How to build the website, if you know to code then it’s fine, otherwise, you can build it with totally free WordPress. It is very easy to use, anyone can build a website with WordPress.

 How to write review content for the products?


You have to build a lot of trust with your audience and a product review is the best way to build trust which is a fantastic way to generate sales. This work all type of product. The key to a successful product review is Honesty.

 Here are things your blog must have


1 Clear headline of your desire keyword(“product name review”). Add Keywords like ‘best’ ‘review’.

 2 Product details.

 3 Advantages and disadvantages.

 4 Why it is better than other products or what makes it different from other products.

 5 A clear recommendation.

 6 A clear Call-to-Action and inform them that this is an affiliate link because people like honesty.

 7 Your personal experience with the product or why you recommend it.

 Because of this tactic, I got a good conversion. Here is my review you can take inspiration from it.

 Another best way to make sales is comparison posts and Alternative posts.

This is a really effective strategy to make more sales. It works so well when there are two or more similar products and the audience thinking about which one to buy. It generates sales so effectively because traffic is very targeted.

 Make sure when you writing posts about it keep it short. Use 2000 to 3000 words. Overwhelming information can affect search engine ranking. Give them reviews in 5 stars, clear recommendation of which one to buy and why this is one best for buy.

 Another post type you can make is an ‘Alternative’ post. Sometimes people don’t want to buy a top brand product for their personal reason. For ex If someone even does have the budget they don’t buy iPhone but instead buy an alternative like One plus or Samsung galaxy.

This strategy should consider the above points too.



 Promote affiliate product


#Social media – Social media connect you with billion of users who are heavily learning about the new product.  Using social media for
promotion is very cost-effective.

Social media is a great source of traffic for affiliate marketing. Using Facebook, Instagram , Twitter can drive thousands of people toward posts. By creating a group on Facebook and updating new offers, deals
and information about can lead you to conversion.

In Instagram create a separate page and posting an attractive image of products with offers and deals and reels of giving info about
product is an amazing marketing strategy.
Again it is similar to Twitter too.

Twitter is also a good source of traffic. Now, how you should gain Twitter followers. I don’t recommend you to post pirated movies or show it can lead to copyright strikes. So you can post ringtones and gain followers . After that is becomes easy to convert them.

#SEO( Search engine optimization) –  SEO is the technique to put your post on top in search results.  Keep in mind that SEO takes effort and a long time.  Here are steps to improve SEO.

  1.  Creating backlinks for the website.
  2.  Put long-tail keywords in the headline. You can use Google planner and ubersuggest to find long-tail keywords. Those both are free. Make sure they have high search volume and low competition.
  3. Writing SEO-friendly content.  Search engines prefer to contain which has 600 words to 2000 words in it. So write at least 600 words in your blog post.

Paid Ads –  Paid Ads are good for getting results fast. Paid ads are very targeted which promises to give the maximum possible conversion. Paid ads include Google Ads and Facebook ads. You only have to pay when someone clicks on your ad.

In Google ads. Your ad will show on Google search results as well as Google partner according to your interest. In Facebook ads,
Ad will appear in form of an image.

Email marketing – After all these audiences we need to collect their email. Almost every
website has a plugin for collecting email. I recommend you to use MailChimp. It is best in playing its role , plus it is a free plugin.

In Email marketing, you have to collect visitor’s emails and reach out to them each week highlighting a new product, sale alert, and newsletter.

Get clicks on the affiliate link-

Only great content not going to give you clicks on the affiliate link . These are the things you should consider.

1 Link placement

Don’t place all links at bottom of where hardly anyone reaches. Clicks will be fewer.

On the other side linking affiliate links with most of the words in the introduction, your content will look spammy.

You need to balance link placement in your content, only use where it is needed.

2  Contex

Suppose you are writing content about hosting which has $8/month.You shouldn’t start like this.

“Today I am going to review the best  hosting”.

The links lookout for the content and it looks spammy. You have added more words like this. “Hey fellas, today I am going to tell you which one is the best hosting that you can buy. Here is product 1 vs product 2 vs product 3″.

Clear Callouts

Having attractive Callouts is a great way to convert readers. Using Callouts like buttons,
square boxes and tables help you to attract customers attention and it looks more skimmable

Here is an example of how you should build a Call-out action.

Getting more sales by upgrading the current marketing strategy.

Now you know how and where to market but nowhere are more tricks for getting more traffic.

1 Track your affiliate link.

While almost every affiliate program allows you to track clicks and conversions, but it’s in your best interest to use Google analytics and Google tag manager to  track affiliate links. In this way, you can compare the performance of all affiliate links even if they  are from different affiliate programs. This helps you to track every action on a single page rather than logging every affiliate program and checking it.

When you track your affiliate link, you can

• Understand which affiliate product audience is interested in.

• Decide which product is popular.

•  See the conversion rate. Which helps you whether the audience is relevant or not .

• Figuring which product page get the most click.

• Find out if there’s any missed affiliate link opportunity.

Making SEO strong by building backlinks.

Building backlinks to affiliate articles is a great way to get more traffic.

By landing guest post on high authority blog  where you write an article which allows you to mention original post. Because authority blog has high traffic, we can get their traffic on our article. Blog owners only allow article
if it isn’t ‘direct buy’ or ‘review’  type of article.

Remember the more value you give to your guest post, the more shares, and links they’ll get.

Retargeting ads

Retargeting is the best way to get more conversion because traffic is targeted and they have purchased intent .

In this state, we are going to show our ads to those people who clicked our affiliate link but for some reason didn’t buy it.

As we know all who visited are not going to convert. That’s why we are going to show them Regarding ads. These people are interested in the product but still confused to  buy, they need is little push. With Retargeting Ads will try to convert them too.

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