How to start CPA Marketing for Beginners: earn $3000 a day

Presently, one of the best sources for online income is affiliated marketing. Where you get the commission for every product or service you sell. But how about making money without selling anything.

Yes, You heard it right.  CPA marketing is a type of affiliate marketing where you get money for every lead you make. Unlike other marketing tactics where you pay to advertise your brand with no guarantee of sales, CPA marketing allows you to only pay after the sale occurs at a rate you determine.

Table Of Content

1 Introduction
2 Find Your Profitable Niche
3 Now find an offer to promote
4 Join The Network
5 Getting accepted into the CPA network
6 Building website around CPA offer
7 How to Promote CPA offer
8 Bonus tips and Optimization tricks


What is CPA Marketing?

To start with, the full form of CPA is Cost per action or Acquisition. It is a type of affiliate marketing and online strategy where publishers (marketers)  generating leads for Advertisers( companies).  Publishers get paid for every lead they make. In this business model is not necessary to make a sale to get paid within the CPA network.

What kind of leads are involved?

  • Getting Email addresses by sign-in forms.
  • Download software or app.
  • Creating an account for online software.
  • Signing up for the newsletter, etc.

Why do CPA advertisers pay for just a lead?

Yeah, I was also curious about this. If customers are not paying then why advertisers paying marketers. It’s because by generating new leads marketers send a new line of customers to the advertiser’s property. New customers are the motive of advertiser’s in order to grow the business. The advertiser pays marketers for new leads in the hope they will purchase something from them in the future. CPA marketers generate potential customers to various buyers.
Where to find CPA products

How much does CPA marketing pay?

In CPA marketing, you get paid per lead. The amount per lead varies. You can expect to get $0.5 to $6 for every email you capture.

In another competitive market such as Insurance, you will get up to $25 too. In the best-case scenario, there are few products that will literally pay $100 to $200 per lead you make. Usually, cryptocurrency platforms pay such a high amount.

Find Your Profitable Niche

The first step to start CPA marketing is finding a niche means finding a subject which you are going to work on.  I usually recommend you to go with a niche you’re passionate about only if they have enough products and a good amount of search volume.

Otherwise, this may help you to find your perfect niche

  • Take paper and pen
  • Write down all you know about it.
  • Find products around all niches.
  • Compare the number of products and search volume.
  • Choose the best one.

Plus, here are the best niches you can work with it.

  1. Gaming
  2. Dating
  3. Mobile app
  4. Health and fitness
  5. Loans
  6. Dating
  7. Personal finance
  8. Forex and binary
  9. Insurance
  10. Gambling

If you are still not getting the idea, in the next step we will see how to find CPA offers, you can select products according to profit and you can work on that Niche.

Now find an offer to promote

That’s a quite easy use this website


These websites are like Google for CPA, They show hundred of offers from reputed networks.

Let’s say you are working on the gambling niche. For example, open and type casino app. You’ll get results about it

When you see offer looks good click on it.
Check out the description  and see what type of traffic is allowed

But before joining, scroll down a little and you’ll get some info about the CPA affiliate platform. if you agree with the platform’s performance, hit ” Full landing page review”. This will show you the page that the user will visit after clicking your link.

So what should you see on the landing page

  1. Does the landing page looks clean and professional
  2. Is it easy to navigate or having trouble finding a specific page?
  3. Does it load fast?

Join the network

After finding a good offer there will be an option to join the network. You can easily join the network, But some of the CPA networks have requirements like you must have a good source of traffic and they also take interviews before you can join them. That’s why many beginners can’t join such a network, So I will mark the best platforms for beginners where they can start.

Max bounty-Recommend for expert

Convert2media-Recommend for expert

Adworkmedia-Recommend for all

CPA leads-Recommend for beginners

Adscenemedia-Recommend for experts

MGCash-Recommend for beginners

Clickbooth-Recommend for all

Click dealer

CPAGrip-Recommend for beginners

Even though now your work is going well but in near future there might be some product that you want to promote but they available on big network like Max Bounty, then how you should prepare to get approval on your sign up application.


 Getting accepted into CPA network.

So let’s start the important part of this article. Even though you think that you will kill it with beginner friendly CPA networks
and you are not wrong. But let’s suppose a scenario, you find a product which has high traffic potential, low Compitition plus high reward but problem is , it is available only on Max Bounty but if you don’t know how to apply them, you sure did miss lot of buck bro.

Here are tips that will help you to get accepted into CPA networks.

1. Be honest

While filling form give them your real name,  real email address, date of birth, etc. And don’t outsmart the system by saying that you’re a woman or Rich, it won’t work. You’ll get caught and end up getting a ban. CPA networks want to remove scammers, not newbies. So, always try to be honest.

2. Have a website or blog

It is highly recommended that you create your blog website before you start working. There are some reasons you must have a blog

  •  It proves that you are authentic not a scammer.
  • Lots of platform will not approve unless you have a blog.
  • A way for clients to hire you.
  • Because you have to write article about the product you will lot of knowledge from other blog.
  • Helps you to build confidence.

3 Tell them about your niche

Tell them about the niche that you’re going to work with. It will give them clarity of your interests. 

Say honestly if you are not experienced

  “Honesty is key for success”

So say honestly that you are not experienced in any digital marketing or CPA marketing. It’s fine even if you are newbie, make sure you are learning and practically applying new marketing techniques. You have to ensure them about your plans and methods that how they are gone work which will benefit us.

4. Call them before they call you

First of all, probably CPA networks need Skype calls for communication, so make sure you have Skype ID.  Once you filled the form, it usually takes 24-28 hours for networks to call you. To get your application approved quickly call them and let them know that you have applied. It signifies that you are eager to start work with them

5. Stay confident during the interview

After filling application networks will take interviews regarding your experience, marketing strategies, and pretty much the same question they asked in the form. So stay confident during the interview and be honest.

Now I am going to tell a tip which may increase the chance of approval, when they ask you about marketing strategy, after telling yourself strategies tell them that you are going to use email marketing and banner ads for more results.

6. Getting a unique link

After when you are accepted into the network or you join any network.  you can choose any product according to profit and your Niche and you will get a unique link. It will track your clicks and conversions

7. Building good relationshipships with the manager

Once you joined the CPA network a manager will be assigned to you. This is for your help to get started with the program.  You can manage quarries about the CPA network. But don’t ask questions that are not related to their network such as how to set up a campaign for banner ads. Make sure you build a good relationship with your manager because he/she is a person who will help you answer regarding your business.

Before joining any CPA network you should have two things ready. The first is niche and the second is a blog. As I said blag website is necessary for approval and niche is what your website is about.


Building website around CPA offer

When you have joined the network and joined it’s time to integrate offers into your website. You can integrate it in that way where it hardly understands that you are promoting a CPA offer, So more the click more people will convert.

So now how to integrate it, we are going to integrate it in our post. For that you need write an article about the product.

Here are steps to write an article


1 Headline should be catchy and low compatible with high traffic volume. To find such a headline you can use Google keyword planner and ubersuggest. First, write product name plus review ex ” XYZ casino app review”. You’ll get the results. Choose according to low Competition and high traffic.

2 How do we get information about the product– It is going to be tough and time taking but once it’s done you don’t need to change it again. Simply search for your product on search engines. Among the results open the first 4-5 results, read them and write them in your own language don’t copy-paste it.

3 Link stuffing – Don’t stuff CPA links in the introduction or on the whole page. Just put it whenever is necessary. Doing this will look the website spammy and it has less chance to rank. Plus don’t put all CPA links at bottom of page where hardly anyone reach.

4 Use call to action – Use call to action like join now, sign up now etc. For more conversion use buttons and table around call to action. Integrate links inside call to action.


How to promote CPA offer

Social media-

Promote via Facebook

Facebook has more than 2 billion users. Lots of people always searching for their affinity products on Facebook, so we are going to target them and convert them.

How to find such an audience. First of all, join a group related to your niche. You can add comments on posts giving them recommendations about your blog post. Plus by permission of the group leader, you can post where you can promote your blog. Don’t promote directly.

The best way is to visit a niche page, read all comments on post, find someone who has a problem and ask for help( if your CPA offer can solve the problem). You can approach them privately.

The main thing doesn’t forget to create your own group and drive traffic there from these groups.

When you are providing a link in comments shorten it by using


Twitter is not hard as facebook.  Use to shorten the links. It is a proven fact for more conversions. Your job is to make tweets and include the best hashtags.

Start Twitter marketing using hashtag research for the best result. Use to research the best hashtags.

Other than tweeting you can personally approach them. For that search on Twitter by keyword and see if there’s any person having a problem, solve it if your CPA is compatible.

SEO(Search Engine Optimization)

SEO should be the backbone of every digital marketing. SEO means ranking your blog page on top of search results. So how to top your blog on search results.

  • Add long-tail keyword headline. Use keyword planner and ubersuggest to find such keywords. Make sure they have high traffic volume and low Competition.
  • •Search engines prefer blogs that have 600-2000 words, so write a blog at least 600 words long.
  • Add Table and Index after introduction if possible.
  • Create powerful backlinks.

Marketing through Pinterest

Nowadays, According to expert marketers, Pinterest is giving them more conversation than Facebook. Which means more money.

Pin some nice images on your board and follow other boards related to your niche, you can grow followers on Pinterest. After some followers are gained, you can start promoting CPA offers.

Marketing via Quora

Quora is the best way to drive traffic to your blog post. Create your account on Quora and answering questions related to your niche can drive thousands of traffic to your Blog.

Whenever you are answering don’t just give links or stuff answer with links,  it might lead to ban the account. During begining days, don’t promote your offers. After giving some
answers, you can start promoting.

Google and Facebook Ads

Paid ads are the quickest way to get a conversion. Because they are so relevant, that’s why it has a high chance of a conversion. As the name suggests they are paid. But ads with a good strategy can give you fast results.

Let’s understand it in form of maths
Let’s suppose,
one conversion = $1
Pay per click = $0.15

Since it is free to join, users don’t have to pay for anything to buy. It probably has a high conversion rate.

Let’s say you get 6 clicks per $ 0.90.
And per six clicks at least 2 users end up signing the form.
So your revenue will be $2 and profit will be $1.10

So if you spent daily $15, you end up making more than $30. This is the power of Ads.

But keep in mind that, there are chances of loss. Save this technique for the last resort.

Email marketing

Now it is time for collecting all emails from visitors coming from the above marketing tactics. For that, we are going to use the plugin on a website called MailChimp. It is totally free. Email marketing is a crucial part of digital marketing, where we collect emails from visitors and reach them out once a week with newsletters, offer alerts, and new blog post notifications.

But why someone will give their email to us. It is quite simple to give them free E-Book or PDF or Spreadsheets in exchange for Emails.

Bonus tips and optimization

#Track your affiliate link.

Even though the CPA network always tracks your clicks and conversions, it is best practice to track your link and page. It will give you an insight into user actions. This is you can track all product links even if they are from different CPA network

The best tracking tool you can use is Google analytics.Create an audience inside Google analytics by adding a website on it.

Why you should track your website

  •  Understand which product is popular among all
  • How many visitors are coming and How are actually converting.
  • Understand which affiliate product audience is interested in.
  • Figuring which product page get the most click.
  • Find out if there’s any missed affiliate link opportunity

#Retargeting ads

Retargeting ads are types of paid ads. Here you target that audience who visited your website but didn’t make any action.

As we know all who visited are not going to convert. That’s why we are going to show them Regarding ads. These people are interested in the product but still confused to buy, they need is little push. With Retargeting
Ads will try to convert them too.

For this you have created a website visit audience inside Google analytics and import it on Google ads then run campaigns contains that audience.

#Build a good relationship with the manager

It is only applicable for Big CPA networks such as Max Bounty.

The manager plays an important role in approaching you via email or calls to get you more new offers. It might be helpful to you getting the best offer without bother finding it.

After all, managers are bros who are doing their job. A good relationship can benefit you for exclusive deals.

#How to get commission bumps

Having a good relationship with a manager can result in you getting a commission bump.

These two things can get you a commission bump 1) Having a good relationship with the manager. 2)  Take benefit from two compatible networks.

When you see another network that has the same product with a higher commission, you can ask the manager to match it.  They don’t want you to hook with another platform. So they usually accept your terms.

#Avoid fraud network

Don’t join any network that is paying a lot that deserves it can rip people off. That’s why don’t join shady networks.

During finding products on or check reviews.
Stay clear from those networks that have bad reviews. Especially lots of people are reporting.
Sometimes there can be some bad reviews, so then it’s okay.

Now you good to go!

So then let’s start your ultimate journey of CPA marketing.  Don’t stop until you make your first dollar because you need to self-motivate yourself until you earn your very first dollar. After that making money will be an addiction. That’s why don’t stop until you taste that addiction.


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