Instagram Marketing

Now Instagram is most accessed  social media platform behind Facebook.  Instagram have more than 1 billion user and according stats more than 500 million users use instagram every single day.

Over 95 million Images and videos post everyday. This platform generates 4x more interactions compared to Facebook. That’s why so many businesses are eager to jump on the Instagram marketing.

Form familie’s  little baby to it’s dog Litrelly everyone is using Instagram. So does businesses too.

It’s clear that Instagram is not limited to personal use only. It’s now global platform allows businesses to promote their products , brand awareness, increase traffic on their website, encourage followers to engage with promoter’s deals in a friendly and authentic way.

But make it clear that Instagram marketing is not going to be easy. You must know what works and what not. But fear not this article will help you to understand Instagram marketing clear and cut


Why Use Instagram For Business

As I mentioned earlier Instagram has 4x more interactions than Facebook. Not only the number of users but also user engagement is comparably more than any other social media platform.

Instagram’s main benefit over other social media platforms is it is visual Nature. Visual content attracts people more, so making content that is visually noticeable could turn your business into a brand.

Images, Videos, and Illustrations catch more eyes which are key features of this platform.  But any social media marketing
strategy revolves around What type of content? your post and How often do you post?

Establishing strategy and working along with it, no matter what it is, assure good returns.

Setting up Instagram account.

Before jumping into Instagram marketing make sure you have proper Business profile not an ordinary personal profile. This way you can get other benefits of Instagram business marketing features and Insights.

1 Enter Account Details

Under full name enter your business name so your profile become recognisable to user. It will display on your profile.

2 Username

Username is unique to your business which allow user to engage with your account for ex, Uber’s username is @Uber.

Note that the username should be short and easy to find. If your business name is take try to put initial or first part of name. You can change username anytime in future so don’t worry if you are not able to find any username right now.

Updating profile

Up until now we have learnt basic structure of a profile but we have take our profile to the next level.

Choose a right  profile image

Profile image is the first impression of your account for new users. So that’s why keep profile image consistent with your branding.

You can use logo or familiar image that reflects your brand. Make sure to leave room around corner because Instagram crops it into circle

Writing bio

You can write upto 160 characters in Bio where you have tell people what you do and convince them to follow you.  Here you can write about actions or something about business. Instagram Bio aren’t searchable so don’t worry about keywords or hashtags.

In your bio you can encourage people to take action, such as visiting your website or affiliated link. Bio is the only place where you can feature a clickable link and drive traffic.

But links can be so big that can put bad impression on visitors. So I recommend you to shorten it using which gives your profile a sleek look. Tracking those URL  give you the insight of how much traffic is Instagram driving

Managing your account

Lastly we have to change some things that are going to benifit us

Switching to Business profile.

  1.  First of all you need is a profile doesn’t matter if it’s existing one or new one created for this purpose.
  2.  Go to setting> Search for professional account.

 3. Click on ‘Switch to professional account’.

4. Fill Some Information And you Are good to Go.

There are clear benifits of Instagram that we can’t ignore it. Like Instagram business account has more reach than normal account.

A business profile allow you to create Instagram Ads without needing to use Facebook’s advertising tool

Plus it also gives you the access of Instagram analytics known as Insight, which provides stats about your impressions, clicks and other things as well.

Once you have unlock these free tool start using it to analyse followers behaviour and interest.

Account privacy

Here you can change account from public to private or vise versa. As you open the account Instagram set your account to public mode – don’t recommend to change it. But as a business account make sure to check it if it’s public or not.


In privacy > Comments this allow you to hide comments for specific keyword or phrase. For that you have to enter specific keyword or phrase. Receiving comments of followers is very exciting but some but comments can be against brand value or offend your audienc

Creating Instagram Strategy

Just like any other marketing, Your strategy must start with deciding goal. Without any goal you can’t hope to achieve anything. Choosing a goal helps you choose the tactics are working and keep a track of your progress.

Identify Your Goal

While Identifying your goal keep these things in mind. 

#1 Create a big goal and divide it into a small goal. for ex suppose you want to post 5 images per day. Divide these goals into milestones like, First edit 5 images, secondly decide the right time to post, Schedule post ahead of time.

#2 Choose the Goals that are trackable and measurable with the Instagram analytical tool.

#3 Your Goal should be relevant to your work industry and business. For Ex. If you are promoting dropshipping your goal should be getting sales not often providing funny content to get followers and selling them products, this is not going to work.

#4 Give yourself a specific time limit to complete the goal like a few weeks or months.


If you are still not getting an idea of what I am talking about, this is how a Goal can look. ” I want authentic 1000 followers is three months” instead of, ” I want more followers” and divide it into parts such as Posting videos and images three times a day, maybe promoting my page through Ads to increase followers count.

Building Content Strategy

As we all know Instagram offers several post 

  • Most Powerful features that will convert your business into a brand

Instagram is known for its content, the best content is always a key feature to gain followers, Plus to reach that content over a wider audience we use hashtags.

Instagram hashtags

Probably I don’t need to tell you the power of hashtags in Instagram.  Hashtags are the keywords that you are going to target and it is a clear indication to the user that your content is relevant to what they are searching for.

In fact, many audiences including me look for content based on hashtags, and Instagram algorithms show similar posts based on hashtags to users. So if your post is related to trending make sure to add associated hashtags. This will help you to reach more eyes to those whom are genuinely interested in what you are doing.

Ok Ok! We know the power of hashtags but which hashtags and how many hashtags we should include?

This is the point where a lot of people make mistakes either they use.

  1.   Irrelevant hashtags.
  2.   Hashtags that has already too many posts which makes your post hard to rank.
  3.  or spam hashtags in posts.

To avoid those mistakes let’s start with finding the best hashtags for your post.

This is the website that will provide you hashtags that are relevant to the keyword you searched for and based on the number posts available.

A smart idea is to create a branded hashtag and use it frequently. This hashtag might include your company’s name or the name of a particular campaign, event, or promotion.

Instagram stories

Almost every business use Instagram Stories features and gets good results. It affects on psychology level there can be only 15 sec long and last for 24 hrs only, whenever someone opens Instagram, most of the time user always head for stories first.

Stories play a crucial role in marketing strategy as salt in the food. They provide an opportunity to connect with followers and build relationships.

Here are some ideas you can create stories around it.

  •  Ask questions to your audience and answer them which helps to increase engagement and fan loyalty.
  •   post “behind the scene” content to give your audience a peek at how you do your thing if your business allows it.
  •  Give a hint about what special you are posting today. It will encourage followers to visit your post.
  •  Use Poll on a popular topic or next post ideas or ask them for feedback about your company.
  •  Promote your product, new sale alert, live broadcast timing.
  •  You can reshare the stories of your fan that you tagged in.

Instagram Live

Instagram Live features allow you to engage with your audience in real-time through live streaming. It is a good feature to discuss any topics with your audience, it is great to get Insight into what your followers want.

Here are some examples

  • you can go live on Collaboration with your niche expert o influencers using the “Add a guest” Option.
  •  Host a workshop or tutorial.
  •  Go live with a Q&A session.
  •  Sharing experience of clients through live-action.
  •  Live behind the scenes of the events.

The cool about Instagram Live is that your Live story will appear first in followers’ story feed. Plus they’ll get notified too. But Instagram stories require more effort than any other post type. So use it wisely, don’t use it unless you have great content to show.

Instagram Reels

Like post Images, Instagram Reels is a must-post type to add to your content strategy, for a time you can go easy with Instagram videos but not with Reels.

Reels earn 3x-4x more views than posts on Instagram because the algorithm has made it more accessible on people’s feeds.  Reels are nothing but a video that can create 15 to 60 sec, that’s why it is less takes fewer effort than creating a full-fledged video. But on another side, you are restricted to send your message in 60 sec but still, I don’t think that’s a big problem.

Here are some Reels Ideas 

1. Expectation Vs Reality
2. Tell a story
3. A explainer video about your business
4. Follow the trend
5. Answer FAQ
6. Behind the Scene
7. Before After videos
8. Share Small Tips
9. Educational Videos

How to Market on Instagram

Till now we understand content strategies and the best types of content that you can post. But posting great content is one part, to grow a business you surely need some audience that can support you. There are several marketing strategies for Instagram to gain more followers but here are some best methods to gain followers.

Repost your Competitor’s Content

Repost is the best free way to gain followers, if you are on a tight budget can’t spend money on influencers, consider reposting

Reposting other companies’ content is a free and smart way to get more exposure for your business.  When you tag other businesses in your post, they’re most likely to cooperate with you. The best example is you can tag them in your story, most likely they will retag you in their story too.

In the best case, they’ll follow you back and you can collaborate with them too and as usual, their followers will notice your profile.

Take and Give Shout Outs

Taking shoutouts is just like influencer marketing.

Here you ask another Instagram user having a good amount of followers to repost your post on their Insta profile for some money. The best example is that you many times see that meme page give shoutouts to follow specific pages.

Or if you have already some followers, to increase you can ask other business pages in your niche if they would like to post your content, and in return, you post theirs. 

Digital Brand Canon, for instance, allow another photographer who owns a Canon camera to give a shoutout using the hashtag #MyCanonStory in the description in their post. 

This is an amazing Instagram strategy that benefits both the brand and its partners, who experience significant gain in following and awareness.

Influencer Marketing

Heading to our next marketing strategy is Influence marketing. This is where you promote your business through a influencial person who is famous within your niche.

Here is an example of famos bodybuilder JayCutler

This method will aware your business to the influencer’s follows as they promote your business.

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