PrimeXBT Convesting Review I Is it legit Platform For Copy Trading With Tutorial

Trading has become popular to earn money online quickly.  However, learning this skill and earning consistent profit is not easy. And one mistake can cost a lot of money.

That’s why here comes PrimeXBT company with their Convesting platform. PrimeXBT Converting is a copy trading platform where beginners can copy expert trader’s strategies. It’s not like traders take your money and trade. They trade with their money and Convesting platform simply copy trader’s activity. So when they make money then you make money and they get a 20% cut from followers’ profit. Which makes the situation a win-win for both parties.

Convesting key features

Convesting is a platform that is beneficial for both beginner traders and professional traders to earn passive income. Beginners can simply copy professional trader’s strategies for a cut from follower’s profit.

On the second hand who don’t have time to learn strategies or Analyse the market, can copy strategies and earn money by doing nothing.

  1.  Simple and friendly interface
  2.  No mandatory KYC process
  3.  Top-grade security
  4.  No limit on the number of strategi you can follow

Tutorial For PrimeXBT Convesting

  1.  First of all Open an account in PrimeXBT.
  2. now make sure to deposit Bitcoin(BTC) to start convesting.
  3. Now open Convesting in the new Tab as shown in the image.

4. After arriving at this stage user can start copying other traders’ strategies.
5. Important Note, Users can filters lists by their preference such as profit, Name, follower count, And Active days.

Plus users can incest Bitcoin with multiple professional traders by dividing the unit of the trading amount to each professional trades. This is awesome, this helps to reduce risk.

But before selecting any trader to follow learn about them more by clicking on their name This will display additional detail such as number of followers, their offers, the total number of currency following, etc.

To access your portfolio, simply click on Portfolio from the left navigation bar. Here you can see the trader you are following, how many profit/loss has done so far, the amount of Bitcoin you’ve invested.

Convesting Fees

The fees totally depend on o how much Bitcoin you are trading with,  the more bitcoin you trade with the lesser fees you’ve to pay. The following table will show you how much profit you’ll get and how much fees will be cut.
The following table will show if you trade with a specific amount of bitcoin then how many followers (you), platform, and the professional trader will get a specific amount of your profit.


Bitcoins Follower Pro Trader Platform
001 - 0.3
0.3 - 0.5
0.5 - 1

Risk of Convesting 

Even though strategy managers are experienced traders who chart and analyze the crypto market full time. There are no chances that they will make money consistently. No trader is able to give a 100% profit guarantee.

Therefore traders can also lose money but yes they can give you more profits than losses. But advice is only invest that money you can handle the risk of loss.

Pros of PrimeXBT Convesting

Until Now you’ve learned the tutorial of copy trading but now you’ve to decide to choose PrimeXBT Convesting or not.

1.  As a trader you can diversify your strategies with no of professional traders, forex, and commodity market.

2. PromeXBT Convesting offers a higher (ROI) Return On Investment while reducing the risk with the help of professional traders.

3. Convesting can apply through leveraged trading.

Cons of PromeXBT Convesting

1. Unregulated Crypto Platform.

2. Only 5 Crypto currencies are available to trade.

Is this safe?

PrimeXBT is widely use and considered safe , Till the date there is no security incident appeared yet. They keep crypto currencies inside code wallet, which is nothing but a website protected by Cloudfare’s protection against Distributed Denial of Service attacks(DDoD). And your data is protected by SSL encryption. Plus you can add two factor authentication to your account.

However, PrimeXBT does not follow any safety regulations, Plus no forced KYC. While most of user wish for extra layer of security and make up for it’s unregulated problems otherwise security is wonderful.


If you are professional trader who wants to earn more by just doing what you doing now, then PrimeXBT is always welcome for you. And other hand if you are beginner want to learn trading or someone who want to earn passive income but don’t have time for trading. Convesting is very safe and trustworthy platform to start copy trading with easy to use interface.


Do PrimeXBT is available in USA

No PrimeXBT is not available in USA or Canada and few other country. But you can use e-toro as alternative.

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