Twitter Marketing Guide

Whether you are a pop star, celebrity, Businessman, or Digital marketer everyone is using
the potential of Twitter which has over 150 million active users daily. Twitter is known for
getting the latest post early than any other social media. It is gold of customer’s insight
and opportunities for brands to drive sales.

But with over 500 million tweets everyday make competition tough, so that’s why the
lifespan of a single tweet is four times shorter than any other posts from social media.
So it is easy to lost your tweet in the crowd.

So a full-proof marketing strategy is required to be successful in Twitter. But don’t worry
this article will surely help you.

Table of Content

Setting Up Profile
1 Creating Brand Profile
2 Creating Twitter List
3 Use Images and videos
4 Content Calander
5 Assign Role
6 Set Measurable Goals

How To Engage with Audience
1 1 Host Twitter Chat
2 Run a Twitter Poll
3 Engage with the audience personally

Marketing Tips For Twitter
1 Choose the right hashtags
2 Find out the best time to tweet
3 Schedule Tweets ahead of time
4 Utilize Twitter Ads
5 Promoted Tweets
6 Write a strong Bio
7 Focus on Followers interest
8 Keep an keen on Competitor
9 Check out Direct Message
10 Use Twitter Analytics

Setting up Profile

Setting up a profile is the first step for any social marketing technique. When someone lands
on your profile, they will decide to follow you or not by taking look at your profile. So
having an impressive profile is a must.

1 Creating Your Brand Profile

We have create our profile in a way that if someone looks at our profile they will automatically
know that it’s our profile. Meaning you have customize profile with a unique brand logo, name,
color and any other details which will be your brand image.

1 Handle – Your Twitter handle is a username that is unique to you for ex- Uber companie’s
handle is @Uber. This should include your brand name and must be short so users can
easily remember. If the Handle is short user can easily find your profile.

2 Header – The header is background image of your profile. It must be a unique image that might
include your logo or work of action. Custom Illustrations can be a great example of brand
image. Take the example of Uber. And size should 1500x500px. If you don’t know photo
editing use Canva. They have free ready-made templates that can be pretty handy.

3 Profile picture – A profile picture is the face of your brand. It’s the first seen thing whenever
someone hovers over your profile. It must include your logo or company’s initial.

4 Twitter Bio – Twitter bio provides brief information about your brand in 160 characters or less.
It can be about your companies next mission or what your company does or anything

5 Website URL – Beneath your profile picture and bio, you can include your URL to direct traffic
straight to your website.

6 Birthday – Next to the website URL you can add birthday, which can be your company’s founding
date to engage users on a personal level.

2 Creating Twitter List

Twitter list is nothing but an organized group of Twitter accounts in a specific category. For
ex if you are interested in specific niche related groups on Twitter, so instead of opening
everytime their profile to check tweets, you can simply add those groups in your list where
only those account’s tweets will be available.

List is great to follow specific kinds of accounts. You can section your lists into groups such
as business inspiration, competitors, and target audience so you’re able to easily review their
posts, interactions, and content.

3 Use Image and videos

Instead of Just tweets try to put images in your tweets. It is proved that simple tweets are
outperformed by the tweets with images. Images with high quality and contain eye catching
elements always stops user’s hovering on Twitter. Illustrations are best example, you can create
illustrations in Canva for free

While telling a story or brand advertisements or use of the product or anything which can be use as
short videos and gifs try to post it in form of short videos. As it is always, images are outperformed
by videos.

Remember, try to tweets 5 times a days which can be short videos or images but don’t
just post images only try to post 3-4 videos daily

4 Content Calander

Creating and planning of content can take extra effort but it saves lot of effort and stress afterword.
Trust me by scheduling posts earlier is better than thinking about what to post at the end of moment
like any special day which can beneficial for business.

While Creating calendar consider these things

  • Pick two holidays such as Saturday Sunday to create all post
  • Create post for next on week or atlest for Four days
  • How often you want to post
  • Best time to post – See which time user interacting with your post so much

If you are sharing mix  if you’re sharing a balanced mix of tweets. Then post in this form for ex
⅓ of tweets promote your business, ⅓ share personal stories, and ⅓ are informative insights from
experts or influencers.

5 Assign Role

If you are starting new business, you’ll probably do not need a team or a member that can work aside with you but when your business grows you’ll probably need a team or member who can reply and Tweet on your behalf.

So you can give them a designated role according to their qualifications.

  1. Administrator – Administrator is like a another owner who has all access of account. There can be more than one owner.
  2. Contributor – Contributor’s role include uploading, tweeting and editing media. Contributor cannot change account setting or assign role.
  3. Publisher – Publisher only have access to use media from library for their own personal account.
  4. Uploader – They can only upload content and create video through LiveCut. They cannot Tweet or perform any other action.
  5. Analyst – As name suggests they only have roll of Analyse. They also have view-only access to the Library .
Follow these steps to give access
  1. Click Your Account in the navigation bar.
  2. Select the account you’d like to share access to and click the Manage team button.
  3. Type the name or @username of the person you’d like to invite in the Add a team member field.
  4. Click Authorize. Once you have authorized someone, they’ll receive an email, an invitation in the Accounts panel of their TweetDeck, and a push notification.
  5. The new team member will need to accept the invitation to begin using the shared account.

6 Set Measurable Goals

Without any goal, you can’t hope to reach what you want. Same with Twitter marketing, you need to
create goals to keep on track. There is no way to know if your strategy having a positive impact unless
you know what you are trying to achieve. The goal can include –

  • Getting X amount of followers in specific time
  • Generating leads to an offer
  • Increasing website traffic or Email list
  • And much more

Once you have determined a goal, Set aside every month to measure the goal and see what’s working
and what’s not working.

How to engage with your audience

Twitter is two-sided communication with the audience. It is important to create attractive images
and gifs but also communicating with audience on personal level help to increase your fan base

1 Host Twitter Chat

You can schedule a Twitter chat to engage with your follower, where you can discuss about
topics, ask the audience for their opinions and future topics.

Anyone who wants to join your chat can easily participate and view all responses, questions,
and comments regarding your topic of choice by searching your unique hashtag, as well as sharing
their own comments and thoughts by adding the hashtag to their tweets.

Twitter chatting promote engagement with you and your audience and people get know
about your business more because it connects your brand and your audience on personal

2 Run A Twitter Poll

Even if Twitter doesn’t have special features like Instagram or Facebook for engagement
we still have to manage what we have.

There is one more feature we can use is Twitter Poll. The Twitter poll allows you to post a
question and all up to four options. Polls are a great way to engage with an audience since they
are one click and fun, this is the thing people love to react to. especially they want to see
what others are reacting on poll.

3 Engage with the audience personally

As we know Twitter is known as a chatty platform. Even if you are posting images and videos that you should but one important thing is an appealing voice.

Your tweets must have a consistent tone if doesn’t matter that your team member is tweeting. You should consider these things for the best response.

Don’t be a Robo Don’t tweet that sound like it come from a robot or is scripted, no one’s gonna like it. People engage with the Tweets that come from a real person. Don’t answer like explaining Rocket science, Keep language plain and simple and don’t forget to add emojis 

Show your personality – Your brand’s voice should be consistent through all social media platform, so try to show them. If you are funny, convey it through your tweets.

Don’t repeat – Don’t tweet same post over and over again. Audience should end up losing interest in your content if you Tweets are identical. Try to put some unique content in every single post.

Be honest – Show your honesty to build trust with your audience. For ex if you are promoting a product show it’s  cons too. People like honesty.

Tip – If you are promoting dropshipping products, don’t be too honest and say that buy my dropship product, they will end buying from AliExpress.

Marketing tips for Twitter

As far we learned how to post tweets and how to make good relation with your audience but for that first we need is the audience.

I know that tweeting unique images and videos is important but our end goal is getting traffic from Twitter that’s why first we need traffic on Twitter.

1 Choose right hashtags

Twitter hashtags are an invaluable tool to boost your engagement and discoverability when Tweets with hashtags receive two times more engagement than normal Tweets.

Hashtags are way too useful to expand your reach on Twitter. However understanding how and where to use hashtags on Twitter makes your content more impactful.

  • Use hashtags that are unique to your business and niche  so your target audience can easily find your tweets.
  • Create more related and memorable hashtags that are unique to your business. They are ideal for promoting campaigns that you are running.
  • Twitter Explore page shows recent trading topics including hashtags. It can help you find new tweet ideas and Hashtags.
  • To measure your hashtags use Twitter analytics to review successful hashtags so you can reshape your hashtags.
  • Don’t overuse of hashtags, it look spammy. According to research more than two hashtags decreases engagement upto 17%

2 Find out best time to tweet

Find out the best timing of users that are engaging most to your content through Twitter analytics. Finding the best time for Tweets helps you to increase reach and engagement.

Even though Tweets remain forever unless you delete them but the average lifespan of a single tweet is 30 minutes. Twitters move so fast that tweets may very well be invisible to followers.

To find the best timing use Twitter analytics and study its graph. View the graph to understand when users are online and engaging with content. Experiment with tweets, or scheduled tweets, during the times of day that have the highest engagement.

If you scroll down a little it will show you which post got the maximum impression, so can reschedule
your post timing according to it.

3 Schedule Tweets ahead of time

Posting Tweets at the exact right time every day can generate massive engagement and brand
loyalty. Once you people get to know the timing of Tweets that you are posting, they can check
your profile on that timing.

Tweeting at the right time makes Tweet scheduling a consistent flow of Tweets much more manageable.
It’s important to be as consistent as possible on Twitter. When there are 500 million tweets every day.

But it is too hard to stick your eyes on the clock for the perfect timing to Tweets. Here comes the solution
is CoSchedule. This is the tool that helps you to stay ahead of your time.

Twitter Ads are a great option to reach your targeted audience rather than waiting for audience
to show organically. It’s an ideal solution if you are looking to grow your followers base and brand
awareness quickly through the Twitter platform.

Ads works awsome because they promote tweets to those people who keep similar interest with our
followers, which means you’ll get a target audience who are highly like to convert. Plus your business
can decide different objectives like app installs, video views, and website conversions, as well as audience targeting for your campaigns.

Twitter provides detailed analytics on campaign results. As a result, you can reach the right people with your campaign and quickly learn what campaign messages are most effective. Plus you only have to pay when
someone clicks on your Tweets.

5 Promoted tweets

It’s an influence marketing when you promote your tweets through their handle. Promoted tweets make your tweets appear in the Twitter streams or Twitter search results of specific users.

You promote your tweets through high following Twitter handle for money. They can give you Shoutout or
a monthly fee as long as you’re promoting a tweet for being top on their search result.

6 Write a strong Bio

Writing a strong and memorable Bio is very important because this is the first thing visitor will read about.
You only have one to put a good impression that’s when they will decide to follow you or not.You have to
show visitors what they can expect from us You only have 160 characters to write so choose words wisely and ensure it represents your brand.

7 Focus on followers Interest

If you want to reach audience, make sure your content is keeps interesting them. You’ll need to focus on
fulfilling their interest and need whether it can be in form of Tweets, images, gifs.

First, you need to understand buyer’s persona to meet their expectation. You can understand Buyer’s persona
you can tweets questions, run surveys, ask for feedback or even Host a Twitter chat to get idea about what your audience is looking for.

8 Keep an keen on Competitior

It is good practice to keep an eye on the Competitor’s marketing efforts. Simply type keywords related to your
niche, you’ll be able to see a lot of Twitter handle. Make a list of Competitor’s and see what they are posting, What they are trying to keep engagement with their audience. Plus you can see basic details such as number
of retweets, comments, and responce. This is simple strategy to get insight od competitor’s actions and whether they are working or not.

9 Checkout Direct Messages

Like other social media platforms, On Twitter followers can directly message you regarding any questions, concerns, or comments they have. So make sure you are checking them regularly. It shows that you care
about your followers and this can contribute as customer support

10Twitter analytics

With all of the work you are putting in your Twitter marketing, you will need to make sure all that efforts are reaching your goal that can be anything like increasing followers or directing traffic toward the website.

Twitter Analytics gives you insight related to how your content is performing and other ways which can help you to grow your business.  This tool is free, accessible to all users which gives an insight into your followers count. Impressions, engagement rates, and Tweet activities.

All of those insights come in handy when you will be ready to use Twitter Ads( Paid Ads).

So exactly how to analyze the data that is available in Twitter analytics. Due to different business have their unique goals, you probably might not be interested in all the data or require some more data. Well, whatever these are the metrics you can start with.

Impressions – Check how many times your Tweet appear on your audience’s timeline whether they are following you are not.

Engagement – Compare to impressions check how many times your tweet got retweets, follows, replies, favorites, and click-through.

Hashtags – Review which of the hashtag has frequently been used by followers and audiences.

Top tweets – Compare your topmost engaged tweet with low engagement tweet.

Contributor- If you have assigned roles on your account keep up level with them. So you can implement some of their tactics or remove them.

Start Twitter marketing now

Twitter is a very powerful way to grow your business or to promote your affiliate product or Dropshipping store. It has the ability to drive traffic to websites, increase conversions, brand awareness. Plus be good and honest with the audio and followers, after all, they are going to make you money.

And the last tip is to be consistent. Even if you are not getting expected results. Keep on posting Tweets who knows which Tweets will go viral or you will get millions of traffic.

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